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Right v Left -The Truth

Greatwizard News — Sidiov @ January 18, 2012

There is a dirty little secret that has been hidden from you in plain site for 73 years now. Education, media, politicians – they all use it to confuse and misdirect you.

Everything you hear about government breaks it down into a horizontal rule. There exists the “right”, the “left”, and the “moderate”. Your ideologies, beliefs and desires place you somewhere on that line. As a basic psychological principal it’s true. The French origination of the idea of left and right considers left the “party of movement” and right the “party of order.” That meant monarchical, strong government supporters on the right, and republican, personal freedom revolutionaries on the left.
In today’s terms we generally hear the far left as socialist or communist and the far right as fascist. There is a trick to the new order though. It leaves big government alive and well at both sides of the spectrum, and creates the belief that your choice is between big government A and big government B. Robert Maclver pushed this idea in the 1940′s and made a right v left determination that implied a class struggle – big government rich executives on the right, and big government welfare on the left.
Since there is no officially defined terms of right and left in the world, or even in the U.S. as it stands, I propose it is time to look at this in a different light. Move fascists, communists, socialist, Democrats and Republicans to the left and call that “Big Government”, and move Libertarians, classical conservatives and anarchists to the right and call that “Little Government.” Now the common man has a choice in how much control his government exerts over him. He can bow to welfare, war, taxes, conscription, laws, and pressure of big government, or he can attempt to find the self-control and respect necessary for little government. The choice becomes how much the common man can provide to government and not a choice of what big government should provide to the common man.

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