Alleyway (1989)
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Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo Co. Ltd.

Description Mario must destroy a brick wall, but he isnt going to go after it with a hammer. Instead, Mario will pilot a paddle and bounce a ball off of the wall. Every time the ball hits a brick, the brick will disappear. As the ball begins to eliminate more and more bricks, it begins to move faster, and once all of the bricks are eliminated a new level appears. As the game progresses, the formation will change from a simple rectangle to more complex patterns that start moving. In some of the bonus stages, the bricks are arranged to form classic Nintendo characters. Its up to you to help Mario destroy the bricks and keep the ball moving in ALLEYWAY. Special Features Destroy a brick wall; pilot a paddle and bounce a ball off the wall to make the bricks disappear; bonus stages; bricks form classic Nintendo characters
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Format Cartridge
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Language English
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