Final Fantasy Legend II (1991)
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Publisher Sunsoft
Developer Square Co. Ltd.
Series Final Fantasy

The second in the Final Fantasy Legend series increases the amount of detail over the original in gameplay and graphics.

The major changes are in the character classes and party members. Unlike FFL, Legends II allows you to choose from Humans, Monsters and Robots (which replaces the Mutants) before starting the game. From here, you build your party of 4 from the same character classes. During gameplay special side-characters will join you in battle to help defeat certain enemies.

The other improvement is in strategy. In FFL you gain experience points after each battle, increasing strength, etc. In FFLII, you gain different points and abilities depending on how you defeated the enemy. If you win by using a sword, your strength increases. If you use magic, your mana increases. This adds a more strategic approach to defeating enemies.
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