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2009 BMW M3 convertible

Automotive — Sidiov @ July 30, 2009

Finally I get a chance to drive the new BMW M3 convertible. The M3 is not a “new” car, being in it’s second model year already, but in any case, I still consider it one of the most excellent driving experiences on the road. The biggest problem with BMW in southern California is that even the M models are commonplace. The new M3 coupes and convertibles are popping up all over very quickly.
The convertible is a bit heavier than the coupe at 3,989 pounds (not a light car), but the 414 bhp engine does a great job giving the beast all the grunt you could want. BMW likes to keep torque low on its engines, but gives it to you at a low rpm so you have the power to burn rubber. This ideal still holds true, with a max of 295 ft lb available at 3,900 rpm, and a large range redlining at 8,400 rpm. I’ve heard claims you can get to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds in the cv, but I was unable to match that, taking 5.4 in 4 of 5 tests in my manual equipped model.

The interior of this convertible is very nice.  The leather is comfortable and classy, and with the hard top up it is quiet enough to be a passable coupe on the highway.  The new i-drive system is good, with a useful GPS, and the enhanced sound is very powerful although a $400 ipod adaptor is beyond ridiculous.  You’d think BMW would make that charge somewhat more realistic now that we are out of the early century, but apparently every sucker still orders it at full price.  however everything in the front looks and feels good, and fits snugly.

Of course, BMW M series have always been known for their handling, and this model is no different.  While a bit more flex is noticable from the coupe, this car can still go around corners like a bat out of hell.  Most cars loose out in the twisties against the new M3, with the exception of the GT-R and some sort of go-kart like the Elise.  You can order an M3 for sub-$68,000 base price and get a decked out model available around $79,000 plus add $3,295 for the BMW Maintenance program extension (worth it) and if you dont want a manual (you dont?!?!?) add another $3,000 for the double-clutch trans.  I’d say it’s worth it if you have that sort of money.  The versitility of a hard top is worth a hefty premium in my book, and I would take this cv over the coupe, and potentially even over a GT-R.

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