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2009 Nissan 370z

Automotive — Sidiov @ February 7, 2009

Nissan’s freshening of the Z car is a slow but steady step into the future for this performance model.  The overall shape remains the same, with the car being widened, shortened, and lowered slightly.  The headlights evolve into the new Maxima style with LED beneath the boomerang lenses. A slight increase in cargo room is created for the coupe, although it still remains nearly useless.

The powerplant, shared with the Infiniti G37, is a 3.7 liter V6 producing a bit over 330hp while returning a useful average of 26mpg highway.  Either a 6 speed manual or 7 speed automatic can be attached.  The manual comes with a superbly useful synchronized rev matching downshift system that blips the throttle for the driver in downshifts.  You won’t realize how useful this system is until you drop to second in a curve and marvel at how smoothly you begin putting the power back down.

The interior receives Infiniti like styling upgrades, and feels much more refined and luxurious than the 350z.

The interior receives Infiniti like styling upgrades, and feels much more refined and luxurious than the 350z.

This car performs nearly identically to the BMW 135i, while looking far more sports car-esque.  The ride is a bit harsher than the 135, but all in all, its an excellent alternative to the BMW.

Several package and option combinations are available.  The $1,800 navigation system package is the same as the Inifiniti system, adding a 9.3Gb hard drive, compact flash reader and ipod interface.  The sport package is by far the most useful package with the inclusion of 4-piston opposed aluminum calipers with 14.0″ x 1.30″ vented front discs and 2-piston opposed aluminum calipers with 13.8″ x 0.80″ vented rear discs, the incredible synchro rev matching system, a limited slip differential, 19″ forge lightweight wheels with performance tires, and front and rear spoilers.  The touring package includes power heated leather seats, Bose speakers, and a few other minor ammenities. The 370z coupes will start at just under $30,000 for a base model, and a fully loaded Sport Touring edition will come in just over $40,000.

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