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2009 Porsche 911

Automotive — Sidiov @ January 22, 2009

Two big changes hit the 911 models for 2009.  Most exciting is the all new 7-speed twin clutch transmission dubbed PDK or “Porsche Doppelkupplung” that replaces the old tiptronic auto, and eliminates any sluggishness in the automated shifting department.  The 6-speed manual is still offered if you feel the need to push the pedal yourself, but the dual-clutch is able to shift significantly faster thus also being able to hit a 0-60 time about .2 faster, as well as returning slightly better MPG than the manual.

The refreshed model also introduces direct injection. The 3.6l engine now produces 345hp and 287ft-lbs up from the previous 325hp and 273ft-lbs.  The 3.8l engine on the S model now makes 379hp and 310ft-lbs versus 355hp and 295ft-lbs.  The engine itself is also quite a bit lighter and sturdier than the previous model.  A new crankcase and a closed-deck block lighten and cool the engine as well.  A limited slip differential is now an option on the base and S models, and pairs very well with the new engine and suspension.
The base model coupe and cabriolets get an entirely new braking system as well.  13×1.3 front discs and 13×1.1 rears in addition to the 2008 Porsche Turbo’s calipers now adorn the new entry level 911. A slight body refresh and standard bi-xenon headlights are a couple more of the many small changes included in the new model.  A 40Gb hard drive and voice activated bluetooth nav systems are a couple nice new options.  All in all the 911 is once again one of the coolest sports cars on the road and well worth the starting $75,600 tag (if you make $200k a year.)

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