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Age old extremism

Greatwizard News — Sidiov @ April 5, 2010

Most of us should remember, though many of us block completely from our minds, the overly angry, threatening, and violent anti-Bush protests that the 2000’s decade was dominated by.   Undoubtedly, you walked by signs and groups of people, even in a typically quiet neighborhood, that called him Hitler, Nazi, said he should be killed, aborted, etc…

Of course, though we all saw (or took part in) it in life, most of us will struggle to remember any media coverage of it.  Yet, now that a new regime is in power, the whole idea has changed.  The media loves to show rallies of “tea partiers” especially when there happens to be one guy with a pro-gun rights, or pro right to life sign being held up.  Government forbid we try to protect the lives of children, or protect our right to protect ourselves from said government.  Not to mention the media reviews themselves tend to use derogatory terms like “tea-bagger” when describing these fairly low-key gatherings.

Here is a good article that gives a run down of the bias between the change of party in the White House.

Nowhere to Run…

Greatwizard News — Sidiov @ December 22, 2009

Nationalism has led to hundreds of millions of deaths over the past century alone. However killing millions of people is now seen as a positive in light of so called global threats such as “climate change”, over-population, and conservatism. Due to this thought change, nationalism is increasing in popularity although with a globalist overtone.
This article in the Telegraph is an interesting bit of opinion for you ideologues.

In case you arent a Van Damme fan, yes, this movie is called Nowhere to Run

In case you aren't a Van Damme fan, yes, this movie is called "Nowhere to Run" (Picture links to IMDB)


Greatwizard News — Sidiov @ March 12, 2009
Thats the money you could be saving on NO BAILOUTS!

Thats the money you could be saving with NO BAILOUTS!

Obama has been quite busy lately.  Defending his massive spending bill.  Defending his massive bailouts.  Defending his decision to reverse several Bush policies.  While I am certainly no fan of Bush, I have to question why Obama needed so desperatley to reverse that policy banning federal funding of abortion clinics in foreign countries.  Well, we have talked about that already so lets move on.  Now we have to be told why we need to spend 4 Billion tax dollars on dead end energy research and a few billion more on rock cleaning in Antigua.  Of course, fearless leader decries the “pork earmarks” which old man McCain loves to cry about also.  What they fail to consider is that earmarks at least allow money already stolen by the federal government to come back into the communities they were stolen from.  But NO!  Earmarks are evil, because stolen money should be stolen completely!   How dare you idiotic comman man question trillions of dollars in bailout money and removal of private equity in the banking industry when people are getting some of their tax money back to help make their communities more livable!  Those are the true villians!!!!! (According to fearless leader at least.)

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